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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  April 9, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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team 11 was there for the details. >> live, local, like breaking. this is wb a ltv 11 -- this is wbal-tv 11 news in hd. >> who will be next? john paul stevens is perhaps the most liberal justice on the court and he is set to retire. >> the president wants a new justice confirmed before the elections in november. >> the white house is believed to be seriously considering a short list of five names before of the five are women -- by names. four of the five are women carry >> we will soon -- he will soon turn 90 this month. his leadership will be sorely missed.
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he led the court in roe rejecting the guantanamo bay prison policy. he was appointed by gerald ford, a republican. >> after they get to the court, it is a lifetime appointment. >> michael green berger says that stevens is the perfect example that you never know how lee justice will turn out. >> he gave no indication that he was going to be a very progressive judge. he is now the leader of the progressive movement on the court. it is very hard to predict where people will be. >> who will the president nominate? on the short list is a federal appellate court. -- federal appellate court judge. soon, justice stevens will be asked for his replacement to be
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confirmed. he thinks that it will happen before the congressional all auctions in november. -- congressional elections in november. >> if there was ever a judge that would change the makeup of the court, they would move it from center right to center- left. that would be a very difficult battle. i think that th republicans will scrutinize this very carefully. they may even be opposed to it. they will not try to block it. >> t w o women -- two women were appointed prior. >> we are following a developing story out of cherry hill. three police officers were rushed to the hospital after an accident. we are not sure what led up to
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the accident. they are being treated with non- life threatening injuries. we are also following a risk in a local neighborhood. a 34-year-old was taken into custody. he was arrested on a warrant for the murder of a 21-year-old woman did she was shot and killed while walking a dog. the victim was a youth leader. >> the trial for a 17-year-old charged with shooting a 5-year- old girl. a spokesman for the company that makes a gps item say they cannot reliably reported time of violations. -- report the time of violations.
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>> the legislation cracking down on distracted drivers is now set to become law. a bill will ban drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. drivers can still use handsfree devices and can still make calls in cases of emergency. the governor will sign the bill and it will become law on october 1. we have continuing coverage of the cell phone legislation on our website. you can go to click on politics. -- and click on politics. there is a new question. will a family required to pay back portions of a long? >> we have the very latest.
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>> the council president denied that he improperly benefited from the circumstances of his sister that led to the purchase of a home on central avenue in 2001. his sister bought the house after her home was condemned and demolished. that home was near johns hopkins. the house was razed as part of an effort to clear a blighted neighborhood spurted the sister got money from two sources . one was a cash housing replacement payment and the other was a $20,300 block grant provided through the city. the loan came with strings attached. it requires repayment of the loan if title to the property is
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transferred. she signed that agreement with the city in 2001. three weeks later, she signed a new document and added her brother to the title of the house. that allowed jack young to be co-owner of the house that had been paid for almost entirely with taxpayer funds. in a statement, he said that the use of the loan was a mistake and he insists that he was entitled to ownership of the house because he and his sister both owned the house that had been demolished. >> my name should have been on the deed for the new property, but the company did not list my name. >> in fact, housing authorities say that there was no requirement for him to be listed on the deed and that the benefits that help his young sister by the property are intended for the person who actually lives in the house that was condemned. >> whoever that owner was, got
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the benefit. young took no other questions. his office provided new information. his sister moved out of the central avenue house in 2005, when her brother moved in. when she signed that long, she agreed to live in the house until 2011. sheehan will now have to pay back more than half of it. -- she will now have to pay back more than half of it. officials are looking at the transaction for possible violations. >> opening day at the yard. a sunny day for the home opener. fans were optimistic. >> i think they have improved over the off-season. i think that the pitching will come around as well. >> we have good pitching and we
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are going to compete. this will be the year. >> gerry sandusky was there all day. he joins us with the wrapup. >> remember that story before the game? i do not think i have ever seen and more angry crowd leave the guard -- leave the yard. they were focused on one player after the loss. it got fun in the fifth inning. the orioles were down by two. there was a to run home run. there was a lead in the ninth, but it did not last. they gave up two in the bottom of the ninth.
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travis knight scored in toronto when it 7-6. -- colorado -- a toronto wins it, 7-6. you will still probably want to throw a brick at your television. we will see you later in sports. >> we are happy to report that a missing police dog is now safely in the hands of his handler. the police dogs went missing after it ran off. the officer was not able to find him for hours, but he found his way back home. >> in the upper big branch of mind, searchers are celebrating. they are still trying to stillfour my ears that are unaccounted for. still trying to find four miners
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that are unaccounted for. are any of the four missing miners still alive? >> if we have that sliver of hope, if we have that miracle, we could bring some closure to this tonight. >> rescue teams made it to the first of two shelters or survivors may have taken refuge. it was in the -- it was empty. until that news, west virginians had held out hope. but not anymore. >> those guys are just trying to feed their family. the rescuers and drilling teens that faced terrible conditions finally put out a fire with nitrogen tonight. the funerals have started.
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husbands, fathers, mostly white and at least one black. members of the extended mining family has been hit by the worst disasters in u.s. mining history. the president has ordered a swift investigation. >> how has maryland of shared when it comes to doling out federal stimulus money? we will tell you. plus, toyota is facing more penalties from the u.s. government. what is one of the number of missteps for the automaker. 11 new restaurant in the area will be hit with both old and young. >> we have rain and snow up in the mountains on the doppler is a cold start to the weekend. your 70 forecast is coming up. right now, we are down to 46.
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winds are
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>> tonight, the government is considering another fine for toyota. at toyota is already facing a fine of more than $60 million for failing to alert officials of the problem. more than 200 lawsuits have been filed against toyota. believe it will mushroom into one of the biggest liability cases ever. >> in our economy report, the state is estimating that 40% went to minorities. 25% of the $600 million received
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only $85 million. a strong finish to the week on wall street. the dow finished up more than 70 points and even touched the 11,000 mark for the first time since september 2008. lows of just short of the 11,000 mark. -- it closed just short of the 11,000 mark. >> governor marco malley is getting maryland errors ready for the work force. it is the kickoff of the jobs across america tour. it prepares students for careers in the life sciences industry. >> what the young people here are learning are skills that can help them find those jobs that are in such demand for skilled workers. it also gives the most important of all law materials which is a
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highly skilled work force. >> the governor also wants to create jobs run the state. >> we would like to get very personal with you. manar talk with you about your grilled cheese sandwiches? they are recession-proof and all you need is bread, cheese and a little butter. last year, some 2.3 billion grilled cheese sandwiches were cut. how they are counted, we are not sure about that. april has been named national grilled cheese sandwich month. we have more details. >> if your into grilled cheese sandwiches, if you really like a grilled cheese, then you need to come here. it was an idea that came to one of the owners in a dream. >> i had a dream that i was
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selling world cheese off the back of a truck one night. -- selling grilled cheese off the back of a truck one night telli. the rest is history. >> this is a restaurant that serves only grilled cheese sandwiches. grilled cheese with crab meat, vegetables grilled cheese, grilled cheese with stake, there is this something about a grilled cheese sandwich. >> what is it about grilled cheese? >> it is comfort food. >> they have been open since monday, and at lunchtime, the place was packed. the guerrillas were toasting and the cheese was melting and people seem to love the idea of a grilled cheese sandwich. >> what is it about a grilled cheese? >> old-fashioned home.
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>> and dip it in tomato soup, and you are set. >> we are lucky. april is national grilled cheese month. it is a great time to open. >> and you will soon be able to wash down your next grilled cheese sandwich with a new drink from coca-cola. the proceeds will all go to haitian relief. the drink will be sold under the special brand. it is one of the steps that coca-cola is using to aid in haiti. >> local jewish organizations are helping in haiti. they visited baltimore and spoke to members of the baltimore hebrew congregation. they spoke on how to spread hope
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to those in need in haiti and worldwide. >> now, your 11 ensign weather forecast -- york 11 insta- weather forecast. >> temperatures are in the '80s and '90s. it will drop into the '30's in some spots. the early morning temperature did not change much at all. this was a day that we fail to meet the normal high of 62. -- failed to meet the normal high of 62. 46 was the low for today. that helped knock some of the pollen out of the air. for today, the pollen count went down from over 2100 yesterday to 1400 today.
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there may be a slight little break in the high allergy season that we have been dealing with. there are some snow showers in pennsylvania that are trying to move into western maryland. this is an indication of some cold air that is moving in. at the wind is still gusting at 20 m.p.h.. there was a 25 mile per hour gusts in cambridge. it is 38 in mcinerney and 45 in hagerstown. it is 46 at the airport. the northwest suburbs will b in the '30's by donna. -- by dawn. this is taking the storms away and the high pressure will dominate the weekend. the sun is not bring much moisture with it at all.
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on monday morning, we could have just a sprinkle or so. we will have sunny skies on saturday and then a little bit of cloud cover slipping through baltimore on monday morning. sunshine for saturday and the normal is about 62. we will be around that. 55 with a good bit of sun by day and down in ocean city, we will see more sunshine. out on the day, there is a small craft advisory and when should decrease gradually. -- and the wind should decrease gradually. we may have a sprinkle on monday morning, but it will turn temperatures cooler. >> for the orioles, they have
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one question, what do they do now? >> is up america. tonight's mega millions jackpot is an estimated $90 million. you must match these oddballs and the metal ball. let's see if we can make you a millionaire. our first number is39, 15, 18, 48 and 53. two nights in a ball number is .003. good luck and play on america. good luck and play on america.
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>> now, 11 sports with gerry sandusky. >> he has one thing going for him. most people in baltimore did not know what he looks like. i am not one to show you a close-up, either. he blew another say. -- save. there was all kinds of atmosphere from pageantry to
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match the weather. there was an aggravated a donald strain. they tied the game at 3-3. he drilled a solo home run. just two minutes later, they would come back. this was his first home run of the season. it was deep to left field. they were all tied to five apiece. in the bottom of the eighth, there were two outs. there was a fly ball to right- center field and he stumbled a little bit. pennsylvania's cores and the orioles were up 6-5.
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there was a go-ahead run and the -- in toronto came back to beat the birds. >> that was easy on the field, but not in the clubhouse. they blew a three out of two saves. what is wrong with my gonzales and where do they go from here? >> there is no sugar coating it. there are -- there is no looking the other way. it is what it is. we did not close it out. gonzales needed to do it and he did not do it. >> obviously, you are coming into a new team. it is a great feeling for them to have my back. >> gonzales was a great pitcher. you cannot judge him off of
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these few outings it is so early. >> i know i can get this done. i have no doubt that i can. i started in a rough patch and that is just the way it is. >> he is a closer. >> there are not many options right now jimmy johnson struggled in that role last year and nobody else on the team has closer experience. >> choy as a huge crowd father are -- following him, but another player by the name of tiger woods is close. and there was a long birdie on
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13 and two zero holes later, tiger birdied again. they share the lead after two rounds. part of the group is only two strokes back. >> it feels good to be back in contention i usually put myself in contention most of the time committed this year, i am right there. we have 36 more holes i am sure that they will not make it easy for us. today, it was much more difficult. >> how much more difficult could have been for tighter at the masters? we will be back with a 7 the forecast after this.
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>> the seven day forecast is looking good. a nice finish to the weekend. >> have a good night. >> good night everybody. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
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